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About Collective Media Magic

Collective Media Magic is comprised of professional, passionate women who will work with you to ensure the highest media impact for your product, site or service. We will work closely with you to develop a personalized social media campaign to suit your specific needs.

Meet the women behind the magic

Pam , the owner of Just Like June, is a former Special Ed and Elementary teacher and presently a work at home mom. While working toward her Masters degree she took writing classes and has been published in several educational and children’s magazines. She is a member of the National Reviewing Network Blogging Team for Future Horizons, which increases awareness of Special Education, and a brand ambassador for Maggie's Direct. She has participated as a blog Ambassador for the Find app program. Pam is also an administrator at Pitch It To Me, a group which promotes Social Media strategies between companies and bloggers. 

Carmen (aka Lucy), owner of Closer To Lucy is a work at home mom of three; two boys and an adult special needs daughter. Before working from home Carmen worked in special education, supported living administration, and was a training consultant for the state department's long term services division, as well as curriculum developer for the states training enhancement committee; she has spent all of her adult life in some capacity serving and supporting those with disabilities. Carmen believes that life is short and is to be celebrated; she strives to bring her readers anything that celebrates those "all about you" moments in life. Carmen is a big fan of Anne Taintor’s snarky works and became a contract writer for Anne in 2010. She began blogging just at two years ago as a way to keep in touch with mainstream social media while she works on her doctoral degree. Carmen presently serves as a brand ambassador for Saline Soothers, Veggie Tales, and Verizon. 

Crystal, owner of 3 Princes and A Princess 2, is the mom of three boys and a girl. Now a SAHM, she has five years of retail management experience. She understands the importance of properly marketing products for maximum exposure. She serves as a Brand Ambassador for several companies, including Kolcraft, Prince Lionheart, Step2,Dirt Devil and most recently LifeLock. Although her blog began as a creative outlet, it has grown and evolved. Crystal shares her passion for product reviews with her readers. 

Samantha, owner of Happy Sippy, Will Travellives up to her title. She speaks several foreign languages and has extensive travel experience. She has several degrees in education, with a minor in women’s study and literature and is working toward her master’s degree.  She desires to spread the word about businesses through her knowledge of SEO and marketing strategies. Samantha is a freelance writer who has been featured on various sites, as well as several regular columns.  She has worked on social media projects and tours, and is the social media manager and brand ambassador for several companies, including the Bronx Zoo.  She is also a Pre-School teacher, adoptive and biological mother, and is involved with animal and human rights groups.